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Our Story

For several generations our family has been involved in the cultivation of Ghana’s globally recognised cocoa.


Our paternal great-great Grandmother owned cocoa plantations in the Ashanti and Western regions of Ghana, as did our paternal Grandfather.


On our mother’s side of the family, our Grandfather grew cocoa from the 1950’s until his passing, after which a portion of his plantation was inherited by his wife, our Grandmother, in the 1980’s.


In December 2016, during a tour of our maternal Grandmother’s cocoa plantation in the Western region of Ghana, our founder, Raphael, was struck with the idea of processing Ghana’s quality cocoa into premium artisan chocolate.

Realising the great opportunity that processing organic cocoa into chocolate could bring for the local community in the form of higher wages and jobs, Raphael returned to London determined to utilise our family’s heritage and disrupt the chocolate industry’s status quo.


Siblings, Kwaku and Afia Valerie were later brought on board and thus Dapaah Chocolates was born; continuing and furthering a legacy initiated over seven decades ago.

Our Mission

Despite producing as much as 20% of the world’s global supply of cocoa, Ghana does not have a single chocolate brand that is globally recognised. Our aim is to become an internationally esteemed premium chocolate brand that celebrates the rich heritage and origin of our quality cocoa.


Our long term ambition is to build a sustainable, solar powered chocolate factory on our family cocoa estate, in order to further add value to our rich raw materials, and create new jobs, opportunities, and better wages for our local cocoa farming community. We are committed to ensuring that our farmers are not only well paid for their hard work, but that we are able to contribute to a green revolution that sees more young people realising the enormous benefits of industrial farming as a livelihood.

Our Chocolate

Dapaah Chocolates are handcrafted from bean to bar in micro batches, using only the finest organic cocoa from Ghana, and the most premium ingredients from across Africa.

Our chocolates are completely dairy-free and are made with coconut milk, thus being suitable for vegans and lactose intolerants alike.

After sorting, roasting, cracking and winnowing our organic cocoa beans by hand, the nibs, alongside our premium ingredients, are conched for up to 72 hours in our melangeurs until our signature velvety-smooth chocolate is made.


Our chocolate is then tempered by hand, and poured into our custom designed moulds and left to set until ready to be popped out, resulting in a chocolate bar with a clean finish, and a crisp snap.

We then conduct a final quality inspection, ensuring each bar has been 'Dapaah approved' and is ready to be wrapped and packaged before being despatched to our valued customers of discerning taste.

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